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There are other apps that motorcyclists can use for other purposes, some are dedicated for motorcycles, and some are for general automotive use. For example...

  • Motorcycle Minder - - Tracks your motorcycle maintenance needs and repairs.

  • Dynolicious - - Records and stores automotive performance metrics.

  • iBike Rider - - Which turns your iPhone into a hands-free helmet device.

  • AccuFuel - - Tracks your mileage and fuel efficiency
  • WeatherBug is now available at Apple's iTunes App Store. WeatherBug is the only source for truly live, local weather — providing users access to the largest network of professional weather stations in the US and thousands of locations around the world. Choose WeatherBug or WeatherBug Elite and put live, local weather in the palm of your hand.

Greatest Road Software announced the release of an app for the iPhone to help motorcyclists plan their rides and trips. The company claims it's the first ever motorcycle app for the iPhone to help riders find and rate roads...

The app allows customers to choose a location on a map, zoom in or out, and look for nearby road stretches. Each road stretch has a rating indicating how fun, twisty and scenic it is and what shape the road surface is in. Open-ended comments mean riders can tell others about highlights or report on a current hazard. Road stretches are all contributed, rated and commented on by other bikers.

Visit Greatest Road online...

FGPnow app

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FGPnow! is a free mobile application that shows Canadians

tomorrow’s gas price around 5pm every day. at major cities.


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